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new beginings [16 Jan 2004|05:13pm]
ive a new journal... take_my_scars81...its friends only....for several reasons...add me if you still care to read about the continuing saga that is me
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Block dummy [31 Dec 2003|04:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Nihilist Bear
Nihilist Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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hot damn..ill try and keep this resolution [31 Dec 2003|02:34pm]
[ mood | blah ]

britney's cherry

Your New Year's Resolution Should Be: Pop Britney's Cherry!

Even if you get in Britney's underwear

It's hard to pop what isn't there!

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Back by popular demand! [24 Dec 2003|05:43am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

yeah so it's been a good while since my last actual posting. First off, thanks to Michelle for jazzin up my journal. Much love to you girl! Second, We've another show comin up. Feb 6th! WOO FUCKING HOO!! Now to entertain the masses. I found the best pick up line in the world. "Hey girl, I'm a drummer for a band in Atlanta" haha I'm so slick! ;) We've been bustin ass writing 9 or 10 new songs. They sound so great! I can't wait to play them infront of people! oH yeah and Fuck you Crystal! I hope you die! WEll I'll write more later, but for now...its time to pass the hell out.

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Downer [24 Dec 2003|05:27am]
I see: my beautiful green computer.
I need: a haircut, however I'm too lazy to get one
I find: that somethings are just pointless to even persue
I want: to hug and kiss my Jace face...
I have: the best band ever!
I wish: I had more beer
I love: sleep
I hate: stupid girls
I miss: donny in az
I fear: nothing....bring it on mother fucker
I feel: sleepy
I hear: dido
I smell: nothing...damn nose is stopped up.
I crave: sleep
I search: nothing anymore
I wonder: what in the blue hell i was thinking

Smiled: earlier tonight
Laughed: same as above
Cried: cryin is for girls.
Bought something: 2 weeks ago i bought some new sticks
Danced: i cant dance
Were sarcastic: too many to list
Watched your favorite movie: bout 6 hours ago
Had a nightmare: been a while for me to even have a dream

Last book you read: the partner
Last movie you saw: lord of the rings- return of the king
Last song you heard: dido-stoned
Last thing you had to drink: beer
Last time you showered: yesterday
Last thing you ate: fried chicken :)

Smoke: yeah
Do drugs: ummm mary jane is my friend...
Have sex: you offering?
Sleep with stuffed animals: nah
Live in the moment: i do my best to just live
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: ummm...kinda...?
Have a dream that keeps coming back: yeah
Play an instrument: drums
Believe there is life on other planets: why wouldnt there be?
Remember your first love: slowly losing memories
Still love him/her: fuck taht love shit...its for girls
Read the newspaper: yep
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: yes.
Consider love a mistake: at times
Like the taste of alcohol: well not rubbing alcohol
Have a favorite candy: chocolate covered cherries
Believe in astrology: its bullshit
Believe in magic: see above
Believe in God: yup
Pray: sometimes
Go to church: nope
Have any secrets: nah...none whatsoever
Have any pets: Maynard...my puppy dog
Do well in school: Im too cool for school
Wear hats: my mudvayne beanie and a john deer trucker hat
Piercings: 7 earrings
Have any tattoos: negative
Hate yourself: not anymore
Have an obsession: depends
Have a secret crush: haha what the fuck...no!
Do they know yet: ??? you tell me ???
Collect anything: nah
Have a best friend: D O double N Y and P diddy
Wish on stars: nope
Like your handwriting: I write like a crack head
Have any bad habits: lots and lots
Care about looks: not to the extreme.
Believe in Satan: eh.
Believe in ghosts: eh.
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rock and roll [12 Dec 2003|11:22pm]
Death Metal Psycho
You are a Death Metal Psycho. In areas of
brutality and hatred where others fear to
tread, that's where you find enjoyment - the
realm of death metal. You're one violent
motherfucker, and you like music that fits
that; brutal snarling death is the best, but
anything with enough aggression and good riffs
works. Concerts are a great place to take out
some of that aggression, hear some kick-ass
music, and of course get drunk. You're
generally pretty cool with the rest of the
scenes, but if they piss you off, there's some
serious pain coming their way. Especially if
they talk shit about Chuck.

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Vide Infra [09 Dec 2003|05:27pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

First real kiss: Rachel Shriver

First screen name: I like benadryl

First self purchased album: Bleach by nirvana on black vinyl

First funeral: don't do funerals

First pet: dough dough...a dog my folks used to have before i graced this earth with my presence

First piercing: ears

First true love: my set of drums ....*smiles*

First big trip: Flordia?

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Stevie Wonder

Last big car ride: I dont generally do "car rides"

Last kiss: A while ago

Last good cry: not willing to disclose this information

Last movie seen: Bad Santa (I always knew santa was a lush!Funny as shit!)

Last beverage drank: Dr Pepper red fusion

Last food consumed: toll house cookies

Last phone call: no one calls me

Last shoes worn: etnies

Last CD played: Mr.bungle - california

Last item bought: groceries

Last disappointment: sleeping all day

Last soda drank: Dr Pepper red fusion

Last ice cream eaten: cherry vanilla

Last shirt worn: A Shattered existence t-shirt (go figure?)

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Things you can get me for Christmas [04 Dec 2003|05:55pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

1. Vater 5b wood tip sticks
2.Aquarian drum heads, 22 super kick, 13 double ply, and 16 double ply
3.shirts of bands i like
4.bottle of jager
5.stuff for my truck
7.video games
10.bottle of jager

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Casue I'm fuckin bored and sick as a dog [04 Dec 2003|03:37pm]
things you ate in the last 24 hours
1. Fried Chicken
2. Chick-fil-a sandwhich
3. Soup

5 things you did so far today
1. Worked
2. Puked
3. took a nap
4. petted Maynard
5. Downloaded the new hoobastank album

5 things you look for when youre picking a girlfriend/boyfriend:
1. Intellect
2. personality
3. putting up with my retardedness
4. if she's not afraid to make an ass outta herself in public with me
5. if she can cook me food

5 famous people you'd bang in a second
1. Tori Amos
2. Bjork
3. Dido
4. April Summers
5. Amy dumass

5 things you love
1. My maynard
2. cainen
3. My REAL friends
4. MY fuckin band!
5. gettin trashed with my freinds

5 things you hate
1. girls who play games (thats leaves like less the 10% i do like)
2. the sun
3. work
4. being sick
5. Fred durst and the bizket

5 bands you're obsessed with
1. Mudvayne
2. Killswitch Engage
3. Tori Amos
4. Faith no more
5. Shadows Fall

Name: Christopher
Do you like it?: Kinda have to
Nicknames: I dont have any
Screen name: Insideurnebula
Age: Duece Duece
Birthday: 10/24/81
Sign: Scorpio
Location: Atlanta/Gwinnett/Decatur
School: Too cool for school,fool!
Eye color: They change
Height: 5'6"ish
Birthplace: Birmingham, Al
Parents: Michael and Susan
Siblings: zero
Live with: apartment with josh and liz, but i stay where i hang my hat
Number: 69
Colors: green, purple, and black
Day: Wensday
Month: October
Song: -1 by mudvayne
Movie: The rules of attraction
Food: Greek and Italian
Band: Mudvayne
Season: Fall
Sport: I dont "do" sports
Drink: Dr Pepper
Veggie: collard greens
TV Show: Smallville
Radio Station: FUck the radio..except for toucher...he rocks
Store: I havent been shopping in forever
Word: Double damn
Flower: ??...??
State: GA
Me/You: Myself
Coke/pepsi: Dr.pepper
Day/night: Nizzight
Aol/aim: aim
Britney/Christina: Tori Amos
Gap/Old Navy: walmart
Lipstick/Lipgloss: Dr. pepper chapstick
Silver/Gold: silver
Alcohol/Weed: mmmmm booze
Do you have a bf/gf?: nope
Do you have a crush?: not off the top of my head
How long was your longest relationship?: almost a year or so
How long was your shortest relationship?: a couple weeks
Who was your first love?: Jessica Snow
What do you miss about them?: not a goddamn thing
What is the one thing you would change about your past?: Too much to list
Last thing you heard: me coughing
Last thing you saw: my maynard
Last thing you said: fuck you
Who is the last person you saw?: Pual at work
Who is the last person you kissed?: ?
Who is the last person you hugged?: ?
Who is the last person you fought with?: lover not a fighter
Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: D o double n Y
What is the last TV show you saw?: Smallville
What is the last song you heard?: Outta control
What are you wearing?: Jeans and a shirt
Who are you talking to?: Jordy
Where are you?: my mom's
How are you feeling?: sick
Are you in a chatroom?: nope
What day is it tomorrow?: December 5th
What are you going to do: work and sleep
What is one of your dreams?: not sayin
Drank?: not today
Smoked?: not today
Stolen?: nope
Done anything illegal?: maybe so, maybe no
Are you a lefty or a righty?: ambidextrous
What piercings do you have?: 7 in my ears that i may take out
Any tattoos?: nope
Do you drive?: yes a 2003 ranger edge
Do you have glasses or braces?: neither
Do you think you're good looking?: all the time!
Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?: Hell yeah!
Do you look like any celebrities?: Not a one
Do you wear a watch?: nope
How many coats and jackets do you own?: 2 hoodies
describe your style in [one] word: dorkzilla
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sweet [22 Nov 2003|02:17pm]

I did it in 18</big></b> seconds.
I deserved an A-!!
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What the fuck?! [12 Nov 2003|03:10pm]
So, yeah it's been a while. Net is on and off. I cant do shit about it...oh well....can't complain...its free. So I saw kim for the first time in forever saturday. I went to a shindig at her house. I went over there as just a friend because thats the level I percieved we were still on. Nevertheless, we we're drinking and we kissed. Now, I dont know what in the hell is going on..Im not sure if it was cause of the booze or if she still likes me like that or what. I was concious of what was going on...i really need to talk to her about it..maybe if she reads this, she'll call me tonight.
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This is kinda cool [02 Nov 2003|03:28pm]
I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)
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Def Leapord Sucks! [30 Oct 2003|06:41pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Someone was trying to tell thier drummer something, but the mother fucker is too stupid or too burnt out to catch a hint. I mean, he only has one arm. He sucked when he had 2 arms...now he's only got one and sucks more. WTF MAN!?! Give it up! Thier lyrics suck cock. Just all around the music is terrible. I'd rather listen to Dion Sanders' Rap record entitled "Prime Time". Now that shit is swinnggin...a football player rapping...it doesnt get any fucking better then that. Oh yeah, the resoning behind this post is that I'm on vacation for the moment, outta town. I've no stress whatsoever and I enjoy every minute of it.

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HAHA [18 Oct 2003|08:55pm]
huh? what... whatever

What Less Than Legal Act are YOU? (includes pictures)
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Bleeding [18 Oct 2003|03:53pm]
all i can say is that playin live is so mother fucking exhilerating!
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I'm not about plastic skin [12 Oct 2003|08:48pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Yeah, so I came down here to milledgeville saturday to visit my dear old friends reid, elizabeth, and thier boy, andrew. I got down here with no problems whatsoever. Me and reid then proceeded to buy beer. Bought a case of bud light. Victoria came over to drink with us and whatnot. She's a cool cat. She flirted some with me, however I think it may have been the booze talking. Nevertheless, it was nice to say the least. I like talkin to her and she is undeniably beautiful. A tid bit country though. I don't mind that at all. I think it's funny. So Elizabeth cooked us ribs, greens, and taters. That shit was on like donkey kong. We also watched (or tryed to , to say the least, but failed miserably due to all of us talkin and shit.) american history x. Great fucking movie. Everyone eventaully got piss poor drunk and were getting ready for bed. I can't recall a lot of anyting that was said. However, Me and Vic shared a bed. I put my arm around her and she grabbed my hand. IT could have been the booze talking but it was nice as fuck to feel wanted for a change, even if it was for just a brief moment. We fell alseep like that. It was great.

I was woke up Saturday morning by the Liz and vic talkin in the kitchen. I wasn't too much of a happy camper. Vic left about 10 to go and take care of some errunds. About noonish, we took this bed over to her new place in my truck, then went to big lots and walmart. Eventaully we went to grab some grub at Krystals. My treat. Yeah, like no one saw that coming. Came back to liz's place and pigged the fuck out and took a lil cat nap while liz unsuccessfully attempted to assemble some sort of bathroom shelf.

I've called outta work for tomorrow just for the fuck of it. I never get to see reid or lizabeth. I just wanted to hang with them a lilttle bit longer. So I shall be headed back to good on loganville tomorrow morning. gag. I kinda like it down here. I might just start coming down here to drink and let loose more often. However, its not atlanta. Which sucks! Im being a wine-o tonight. It's quite amusing, although no one else is drinkin with me. *sigh* I hate being alone all the mother fucking time. Just gets to me. Well I'm out , gonna go hang with reid. holler.

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Why does it feel like the sun is just burned out? [08 Oct 2003|09:16pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I hit my head again today at work. Yup, minor concussion. Fun times. Got felt up by an old woman too. That was highly unpleasent. Practice sucked. Craig never made it. Chris' 9 volt battery died. So it was pretty mush a lost cause besides going to the pizza joint and drinkin a couple beers and eating pizza and hot wings with Matt and Chris. I just had a breakdown.....I'm so sick of being lonely. Everyone has someone but me. I wish i had a main squeeze but I just don't know if it wold work casue the band is very time consuming right now. *sigh* I wish I could have both. I miss kim. I'm still retarded for her, but we're just friends. *sigh* Well, it's been a long day and I'm out. Good night.

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Sounds about right [05 Oct 2003|07:47pm]
<td bgcolor="#000000">Username</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">You will die by:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">You body was found mangled in a brutal death from an insane lover or jealous significate other.The murderer was sentenced to death row but the chair or gas was too good for them. They sowed you up in a bag and tossed you in your casket, It's a closed case unless your friends and family want to be sick.</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Death Date:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">July 13, 2041</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Number attending your funeral?</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">110</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">How much will you leave to friends and family?</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">$1,919,671</td></tr>
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Nerdy [05 Oct 2003|01:12pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Why do your eyes paralyze me
What makes me feel this way
Just carry me away with silence and heartbeats
As rapid thinking about your embrace
and how it makes me feel
I just want to feel this way forever
Sleep on portraits painted as perfect as you
Why have I been given the chance to fly
When I'm not with you I feel lesser alone
I remember your face / imprinted on angels
Your voice as beautiful / as the sounds of waves
crashing against my heart
Time slows down when you look at me
I'm infatuated with this / infatuated with you
It's so hard for me to understand why
I hadn't found you before don't dull away
hold my hand

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Just a way for me to bleed [03 Oct 2003|09:42pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

okay, so I've read Kim's journal. She's totally into this other guy. That's fine. I'm happy that she's happy. I'll just walk away. I gave it my best shot. So, I"m a little heartbroken, but not surprised. Shit always goes down before my birthday. Things happen in sets of 3's. 2 down, 1 more to go.

I have to work tomorrow. Work on a Saturday. gag. I'm hanging out with amanda tomorrow night. We're gonna get so fuckin drunk.

I hurt my wrist at practice tonight. I'm gonna put a splint on it tomorrow or an ace bandage. Give it a couple days before I decide if it's serious or not.

I talked to Reid tonight. He wants me to "get to know" this girl he knows. I'm up for anything. Well, it't time for bed. Goodnight all.

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